I just can't get over this they waiving around my criminal record to the customers trying to make me look like a threat trying to shift the reason for the Boycott!!!yall see dis this ain't Right man I'm tell ing you this how I Gotem shook!



@pinnacleofblaccart Swift, I think it's great that you've spearheaded a movememt out of the ignorance that you've experienced. Not only have you chosen to not back down, but instead of choosing to be frustrated, you've taken an unfortunate incident and have made it your duty to make your community aware of the hatred amongst them. The opposition sees that you aren't willing to let his unjust actions go without consequence and is attempting to break you, but just allow the power of your intention, dignity, and the respect for your community to continue to fuel you and the movement of your people.


Wow that's crazy I won't ever go there again. Smh


Cause what does your criminal record have to do with anything?


Swift man keep going hard at their racist asses! It's 2014 and way past due for any mothafucka to still be on that racist shit cause we're "all human"!!! Keep the movement pushing forward homie!